Learn about TMS Leadership Opportunities

Once you have gained some volunteer experience with the society, opportunities for leadership at higher levels begin to open up. Many of these higher-level committees, including division councils and committees overseen by the TMS Board of Directors, are made up mostly of nominated and appointed members. More information on these types of committees can be found on the Functional Committees webpage

Why Pursue TMS Leadership Opportunities?

The benefits to your career include the opportunity to:

  • Gain prestige in your field
  • Network with leaders in a variety of technical disciplines
  • Develop leadership, management, and communication skills

How To Get Started

Most TMS members begin their volunteer leadership at the technical committee level, taking on roles as symposium organizers, JOM advisors, or committee chairs before moving on to work in TMS functional committees and leadership roles. Participating in a technical committee provides valuable insight into how the Society's programming, publications, and volunteer activities are structured, giving you the knowledge of the Society needed to take on higher-level planning roles.

Join a Technical Committee

If you are a young professional (age 40 or under), joining the TMS Emerging Professionals Committee is an excellent starting point for gaining leadership experience in TMS. Through TMS Emerging Professional programs, you can gain leadership experience and a more thorough understanding of how TMS works.

Join the TMS Emerging Professionals Committee

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If you have questions, please contact the TMS Volunteerism Staff.