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Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification in the Computational Modeling of Materials and Structures

August 22-24, 2022

Online Course

Live Online Instruction • 9 a.m.–Noon and 1 p.m.–4 p.m.

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"This was an excellent course that provided me with a lot of value. Instructors were well prepared and provided very good content. Thank you! I was grateful for the digital delivery and timely recordings." - 2021 Participant

Curriculum Flyer

Join TMS to gain valuable skills and a firm understanding of practices and techniques for the verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification (V&V/UQ) of computational models. A team of nine expert instructors will lead participants through six modules: how to design and implement robust verification and validation practices; code and solution verification; computational uncertainty quantification; quantifying experimental uncertainties for validation assessments; designing validation experiments (combining modeler and experimentalist perspectives); and regulatory agency perspectives, as shown through examples and lessons learned.

This course is firmly grounded in the TMS science and technology accelerator study, Accelerating the Broad Implementation of Verification & Validation in Computational Models of the Mechanics of Materials and Structures. It will cover principles of the topic from the study’s report, research and expertise of the course instructors, and practical examples.

What You Gain

  • Practical working knowledge of the various detailed practices and techniques for the verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification (V&V/UQ) of computational models
  • The value proposition and practical examples of robust V&V/UQ practices
  • References and resources for further in-depth study on V&V/UQ

Who Should Take This Course

  • Anyone involved in projects that include predictive computational modeling, both modelers and experimentalists, who want to gain practical insight and knowledge of various V&V/UQ practices, including industry professionals, researchers, and university students, as well as leaders and managers who would like to have a deeper understanding of V&V/UQ

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August 1, 2022

Course Dates:
August 22-24, 2022

Online Access Closes:
September 26, 2022


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Conference Sponsors and Organizers

This course is being organized by the following individuals:

Lead Instructors

  • Jacob Hochhalter, University of Utah
  • Sankaran Mahadevan, Vanderbilt University
  • David Moorcroft, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Michael Tonks, University of Florida
  • Brandon M. Wilson, Los Alamos National Laboratory


  • Kenneth Aycock, US Food and Drug Administration
  • Zachary Harris, University of Virginia
  • Joshua Kaizer, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Anthony D. Rollett, Carnegie Mellon University

Go to the Instructors section to view bios and learn more about their research and professional experience.

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