MPMD ICME Industry Implementation Award

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) integrates a variety of computational models at various length and time scales into a workflow that can used to design and/or optimize a material and/or manufacturing process for a specific component. The 2008 National Academy study on ICME advocated that successful implementation of ICME workflows would “provide significant economic benefit and accelerate innovation in the engineering of materials and manufactured products.”

This TMS award recognizes the significant achievements that industry has made to implement ICME methods into a manufacturing process and/or design of a new material. It will be awarded every two years in conjunction with the ICME World Congress. Award recipients will be honored with a keynote presentation at the ICME World Congress where the award is presented, along with a complimentary registration.

This award is intended to honor a company, not a specific individual. The company needs to identify a representative on the application form who will attend the ICME World Congress and present an invited lecture related to the accomplishment being awarded. If the company is not willing to speak publicly about their ICME achievement(s), they are not eligible for the award.

Recipients will be selected by the Industry Award (IA) Selection committee.


  1. Recipients must attend the ICME World Conference in the year of their award.
  2. Only one candidate/company will be awarded at a time. The committee may decide not to give an award in a particular year.
  3. Applicants need not be a member of TMS.
  4. Applicants should demonstrate the implementation of an ICME process that integrates computational and experimental methods across at least two length and/or time scales to accelerate the design and/or optimization of new material and/or manufacturing process.

Additional criteria include:

  • Development of new tools that accelerate the use of ICME methods.
  • Education of workforce in ICME tools
  • Environmental/societal impact
  • Impact (significance of cost/time savings)
  • Impact of the implementation should have been made public within the last 5 years of the nomination

How to Nominate

Submission Deadline:
April 1 of each year.

Please submit the following documents to complete the nomination process:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. ICME achievement and statement on the significance of the achievement (500 words or less).

Nominations will be good for two award cycles.

Send complete nomination packet to TMS Awards.

Current Year Awardee(s)

This award was not given out for the current year.

Past Years Awardees

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