TMS/ASM Joint Distinguished Lectureship in Materials and Society Award

This award recognizes an individual experienced in a policy-making role in the field of materials engineering for our nation and its industries - an eminent individual who has an overview of technology and society in which technology and society are affected by development in materials science and engineering. recipients may be associated with government, industry, research, or education.

Established in 1971, this award is considered a pinnacle award.

Honorees receive a certificate with citation. The written presentation of the lecture is to be published in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, a joint scientific journal of ASM and TMS. Lecturers will be requested to have a complete paper ready for publication in an issue of this publication soon following the presentation.

For more information on this award, view the bylaws.


The lecture is presented in alternate years at the Materials Science & Technology conference, of which TMS is an organizing society, and IMAT (International Materials Applications & Technologies), the ASM Annual Meeting. Both events are held in the September-October timeframe. The award recipient must be available to present at that year’s event.

The topic of the lecture shall fall within these objectives:

  1. To clarify the role of materials science, engineering, and manufacturing in technology and in society in its broadest sense.
  2. To present an evaluation of progress made in developing new technology for the ever changing needs of technology and society.
  3. To define new frontiers for materials science and engineering.

How to Nominate

Submission Deadline:
September 1 of each year.
Note: Lectureship awards are considered one year in advance of the presentation year.

Please submit the following documents to complete the nomination process:

  1. Completed nomination form.
  2. Nominator's Supporting Statement: This statement is to be included within the principal nominator’s cover letter of endorsement. The supporting statement should outline the qualifications of the nominee for the specific honor/award. The nominator’s supporting letter should be no more than two pages.
  3. Current resume or curriculum vitae, no more than 5 pages.
  4. Two to five letters of endorsement are required. Each letter should be no longer than one page. No more than one letter of endorsement may be from the same affiliation as the nominee. The nominator’s letter may be counted in the total number required.

Send complete nomination packet to TMS Awards.

Current Year Awardee(s)

This award was not given out for the current year.

Past Years Awardees

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