Superalloys 2021 Preview Webinar Series

V&V Webinar Series

Verification and Validation of Computational Modeling of Materials and Structures

The webinar series explores the latest TMS science and technology accelerator study, “Accelerating the Broad Implementation of Verification & Validation in Computational Models of the Mechanics of Materials and Structures,” published in October 2020. The report, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, recognizes the value and tremendous potential of adopting V&V practices, along with the related practice of uncertainty quantification (UQ), to deliver efficiencies and advancements to product development and manufacturing procedures.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss why V&V is a critical step in modeling and simulation
  • Summarize and provide examples of code and solution verification
  • Highlight the importance of experiments and experimentalists in the V&V process
  • Summarize validation and the critical role of uncertainty quantification

Live Events: October 2020