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Irradiation Testing: Facilities, Capabilities, and Experiment Designs

Manuscript Submission Deadline: September 01, 2024
Guest Editor: Walter Luscher
Co-Guest Editors: David Senor
Publication Date: March 2025
Keywords: Advanced Materials, Characterization, Mechanical Properties, Modeling and Simulation, Nuclear Materials
Scope: Irradiation testing is integral to the development and acceptance of materials and components intended for radiation environments. Irradiation testing addresses a broad array of concerns ranging from the validation of models describing irradiated material behavior to providing proof-of-concept information to justify further development by industry or acceptance by regulatory authorities. The aim of this special topic is to highlight facilities with irradiation testing capabilities that enable data collection from materials exposed to neutron, proton, ion, or gamma irradiation. Topics of interest include irradiation vehicle design, in-situ monitoring and control, irradiation facility capabilities, experimental design, and post-irradiation examination capabilities.
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