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Membrane Application in Hydrometallurgical Processing

Manuscript Submission Deadline: February 01, 2025 (Manuscripts not accepted more than 6 months prior to this date)
Co-Guest Editors: Hong Peng
Publication Date: August 2025
Keywords: Extraction and Processing, Hydrometallurgy, Recycling and Secondary Recovery, Supported Liquid Membrane; Polymer Inclusion Membrane; Electrodialysis
Scope: The use of membrane technology is well-stated for water and wastewater treatment. Recently, the search for new processes to recover critical metals from aqueous processing shed light on the potential application of techniques using membranes. This special topic includes but is not limited to electrodialysis, supported liquid membranes, polymer included membranes, and Donnan dialysis for the separation of Li, Cu, Ni, Co, Fe, rare earth elements, and H2SO4. This special topic seeks high-quality works focusing on the latest novel advances in membrane technology for liquid-liquid separation.
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