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Microstructure Evolution: Structural Materials for Advanced Reactors

Manuscript Submission Deadline: July 01, 2025 (Manuscripts not accepted more than 6 months prior to this date)
Guest Editor: Miaomiao Jin
Co-Guest Editors: Xing Wang
Publication Date: January 2026
Keywords: Advanced Materials, Characterization, Computational Materials Science & Engineering, Experimental Methods, Fundamentals, Radiation, Corrosion, Microstructure, Characterization, Simulation
Scope: The recent rapid progress in advanced nuclear reactor technologies demands the advancement of structural materials capable of withstanding the challenging operation conditions inside reactors, e.g., intensive radiation, high temperatures, and corrosive coolants. The microstructure of structural materials is essential for understanding their properties in such extreme environments. The main objective is to solicit frontier research on various microstructural aspects of structural materials under reactor environments. The key areas of this special topic include characterizing, comprehending, and predicting the microstructure evolutions by leveraging multiscale computational modeling, advanced characterization techniques, or the combination of both.
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