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Stimuli-Responsive Materials and Light

Manuscript Submission Deadline: June 01, 2025 (Manuscripts not accepted more than 6 months prior to this date)
Guest Editor: Karine Mougin
Co-Guest Editors: Jamerson Oliveira
Publication Date: December 2025
Keywords: Physical Properties, Surface Modification and Coatings, Thin Films and Interfaces
Scope: Engineering applications are driving the development of new materials for enhanced performance and/or new functions. Among them is a group of materials that are able to respond to a particular stimulus by altering their physical and/or chemical properties. Such stimuli include heat (thermo-responsive materials), stress/pressure (mechano-responsive materials), electrical current/voltage (electro-responsive materials), magnetic field (magneto-responsive materials), pH change/solvent/moisture (chemo-responsive materials), light (photo-responsive materials), etc. Technically speaking, these materials are known as stimulus-responsive materials. Among these specific materials, this special topic focuses on research interests that have a direct link to light or color.
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