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Identification of Anisotropic Constitutive Models for Complex Loading Paths

Manuscript Submission Deadline: June 01, 2023
Guest Editor: Myoung-Gyu Lee
Co-Guest Editors: Daniel R. Coughlin
Sponsored By: Shaping and Forming
Publication Date: December 2023
Keywords: Advanced Processing, Mechanical Properties, Modeling and Simulation, Shaping and Forming, Constitutive Modeling
Scope: Manufacturing complex shaped sheet metals requires an understanding of multiaxial behavior under various processing conditions. The anisotropic material behavior is known to highly depend on strain path. Therefore, for an accurate description of material responses to the wide variety of loading conditions, experimental and computational approaches have been developed with advances in constitutive modeling. This special topic focuses on identification of constitutive model parameters of anisotropic materials under complex deformation paths. The topics include, but are not limited to, multiaxial testing and simulations, direct or inverse methods including full-field measurement, artificial intelligence for identifying anisotropic, and path-dependent constitutive models.
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