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Properties of Interfaced Materials and Films

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Guest Editor: Sufian Abedrabbo
Co-Guest Editors: Anthony T. Fiori
Publication Date: October 2019
Keywords: Characterization, thin films and coatings, modeling and simulation, Interfaces, properties of interfaced systems
Scope: Interfaces are ubiquitous in almost all engineered materials and devices and have been known to affect the properties of interfaced materials and films. This subject is open to all types of interfaces including: ultra-thin layered films, thin films on bulk materials, nanocrystals embedded in bulk materials and textured coated surfaces to name a few. This special topic focuses on research papers that address the electronic, optical, biological, magnetic and mechanical properties of interfaced systems. The special topic also welcomes in-situ characterization studies of interfaces, and encourages theoretical modeling approaches of interfaced materials and properties. The issue constitutes the following topics: 1. Novel applications and functional materials of interfaced materials and films; 2. Biological properties and applications of layered systems; 3. Engineering of interfacial stresses and strains in metals, semiconductors, and dielectric thin films; 4. In situ and Ex situ electron microscopic characterization (SEM and TEM); 5. Characterization of stressed surfaces and interfaces (e.g. by XRD, micro-raman); 6. Optical, electronic, magnetic, and mechanical properties of interfaced system; 7. Surface chemistry, nucleation and growth phenomena for engineered interfaces; 8. Theoretical calculations of evolution of stresses at microstructure level; 9. Quantitative statistical analysis of interfacial effects including modeling of carrier mobility, effects on bandgap, and penetration depth of stress fields; 10. Modeling optical and electronic properties as a function of interfacial effects; 11. Organic thin films and applications