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Characterization of Biodegradable Medical Materials

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Guest Editor: Jaroslaw Drelich
Co-Guest Editors: Tolou Shokuhfar
Publication Date: April 2019
Keywords: Advanced materials, alloy phases, biomaterials, characterization, composites, ceramics, fundamentals, intermetallics, lightweight materials, other monferrous, physical properties,
Scope: The search continues for suitable bioabsorbable metallic materials that could replace materials used for permanent implants. Mg-, Fe-, and Zn-based alloys are currently pursued in designing biodegradable implants. Unfortunately, present in vitro characterization methods for biomaterial assessment are unable to predict the in vivo degradation behavior and rates, critical for developing biodegradable implants. This special topic intends to summarize challenges and provide insight into new developments in characterization methods applicable to biodegradable medical materials.