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Multiscale Computational Strategies for Heterogeneous Materials with Defects: Coupling Modeling with Experiments and Uncertainty Qualification

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Guest Editor: Somnath Ghosh
Co-Guest Editors: David McDowell
Sponsored By: ICME
Publication Date: August 2019
Keywords: Characterization, composites, computational materials science and engineering, experimental methods, ICME, mechanical properties, modeling and simulation
Scope: Multiscale modeling is a familiar theme, integral to heterogeneous materials. Challenges are encountered in the presence of evolving defects at multiple scales leading to extreme behavior. Such complexities may be addressed by a combination of hierarchical (bottom-up) and concurrent (top-down coupling) strategies. The models should be motivated and validated by experiments and characterization at relevant scales. Material heterogeneity also calls for uncertainty quantification in the treatments. This topic is devoted to approaches addressing these issues.