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Crystal Orientation Dependence of Mechanical and Thermal Properties in Functional Nanomaterials

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Guest Editor: Ning Zhang
Co-Guest Editors: Chang-Yong Nam
Sponsored By: Nanomaterials
Publication Date: November 2019
Keywords: Advanced materials; alloy phases; ceramics; composites; crystal orientation; computational materials science and engineering; mechanical properties single-crystal, bicrystal, polycrystalline materials; thermal properties
Scope: The response/performance of nanomaterials in various applications is determined significantly by the variation of crystallographic orientations when materials are subjected to mechanical and thermal loading environments. The emphasis of this special topic will be on the latest advances in the investigation and understanding of various crystal orientation phenomena toward functional nanomaterials design, and characterization in single-crystal, bicrystal and polycrystalline metallic, ceramic, oxide, composite materials, etc. using theoretical, computational and experimental methods.