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Additive Manufacturing for Energy Applications (By Invitation Only)

This topic is no longer accepting submissions.

Guest Editor: Isabella van Rooyen
Co-Guest Editors: Indrajit Charit
Publication Date: December 2020
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Computational Materials Science & Engineering, Energy, High-Temperature Materials
Scope: Exploration of additive manufacturing (AM) techniques within energy sectors has shown an increase of applications, a large variety of materials, and industry specific design and qualification requirements. AM techniques provide a unique advantage for the energy industry due to the shortened development and fabrication times, product quality, and process repeatability. Furthermore, AM provides new opportunities in the design space during inception of new products (both structural component and material design) due to less limitations on localized design features that could not generally be performed using conventional fabrication processes (e.g., casting, extrusion, etc.) and subtractive fabrication (e.g. machining). This invited topic will feature manuscripts based on experimental and computational approaches in the following topic areas: • Processing-microstructure-property relationship of AM fabricated materials for structural components in energy sectors• In-situ sensor development and in-situ processing and characterization • Advances in AM design methodologies, new material designs and AM techniques • Modeling and simulations for design of high-performance AM fabricated materials • Qualification approaches • Economic advantages: Case studies