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Materials for Small Nuclear Reactors and Micro Reactors, including Space Reactors

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Guest Editor: Sven C. Vogel
Co-Guest Editors: Raluca O. Scarlat
Sponsored By: Nuclear Materials
Publication Date: November 2021
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Characterization, Modeling and Simulation, Molten Metal and Solidification, Nuclear Materials
Scope: Small nuclear reactors, including micro-reactors, small modular reactors, space reactors, and off-grid reactors rely on different materials and manufacturing processes than those in large-scale power plants: molten salts as coolants and fuels, heat-pipes for heat removal, metal hydrides as high-temperature moderators, fuels for higher burnup and accident tolerance etc. They also require novel structural materials and understanding of material interactions. This special topic focuses on materials research and experimental and modeling/simulation for small nuclear reactors.