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Two-Dimensional (2D) Materials, Devices, and Sensors

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Guest Editor: Michael Cai Wang
Co-Guest Editors: Wenzhuo Wu
Sponsored By: Nanomaterials
Publication Date: August 2022
Keywords: Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, Physical Properties, Synthesis and Processing, Thin Films and Interfaces
Scope: The ever-expanding class of 2D materials exhibit emergent properties originating from their reduced physical dimensions and highly-anisotropic nature. Atomically-thin 2D materials offer exciting new opportunities across many disciplines/applications, spanning nano-optoelectronics, sustainable energy, high-performance sensors, advanced environmental and healthcare technologies, etc. This special topic, in synchrony with the 2022 Symposium on Functional Nanomaterials, welcomes manuscripts concerning 2D nanofilms/nanosheets/monolayers, their hierarchical assemblies, heterostructures, frameworks, and organic-inorganic hybrids, as well as derivative 2D devices and sensors.