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Properties and Evolution of Defects and Interfaces: Part II

This topic is no longer accepting submissions.

Guest Editor: Tianyi Chen
Co-Guest Editors: Zhe Fan
Publication Date: November 2022
Keywords: Characterization, Mechanical Properties, Modeling and Simulation, Nuclear Materials, extreme conditions
Scope: This special topic solicits high-quality papers in the following areas with a focus on defects and interfaces. 1. Multi-scale experiments and modeling of defect evolution 2. In situ analysis of defects under extreme conditions (SEM, TEM, synchrotron, etc.) 3. Defect and interface properties and behavior in emerging materials (HEAs, NFAs, 3D printed materials, etc.) 4. Advanced characterization of physical and chemical properties of defects and interfaces (APT, 4D STEM, etc.) 5. Defect & interface engineering for optimal material