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Equipping the Next Generation Workforce for Materials Innovation

2012 Materials Information Luncheon
February 15, 2012  Washington D.C.

The race to improve global competitiveness is fueled by a drive to accelerate the discovery, development, and commercialization of advanced materials. How do we move a newly discovered advanced material from the laboratory to the market at significantly reduced time and cost? How do we achieve the advances in materials and manufacturing technology needed for critical technologies? How do we form and build the infrastructure to create an integrated environment for this sustained achievement? 

This is the challenge, and the solution is at the hands of current and future American innovators in science and engineering. Tomorrow’s engineers and scientists must be prepared for using computational tools, constructing and applying models throughout the research, development, and application cycle, and working in an open integrated environment. How do we prepare the next generation workforce and address the critical shortage of graduates and workers with the necessary math, science, and technology skills to keep pace with global competition? What are the critical contributions of industry, academia, and the federal government to workforce development that will yield a new generation of innovators that will excel at new materials development and commercialization for heightened U.S. economic competitiveness? 

In the presentations below, distinguished speakers with a wide range of experience discuss views of workforce development to enable the next generation for materials innovation and global competitiveness.

Opening Comments
Kevin Hemker
Johns Hopkins University

Equipping the Next Generation Workforce for Materials Innovation in the Specialty Alloy Industry
Gernant Maurer
Vice President, ASM International
Director, Research and Development (Retired)
Carpenter Technology Corporation

The Next Generation Workforce Requirements for Materials Innovation in Product Design and Manufacture” 
David Furrer
Sr. Fellow Discipline Lead
Pratt & Whitney

Materials Modeling in Corning R&D
Amy L. Rovelstad
Research Manager, Materials Modeling Group
Corning Inc.

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