Diversity in the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Professions (DMMM1)

Final Report: Thinking Globally

Discover key insights on diversity and inclusion issues from minerals, metals, and materials professionals working in industry, academia, and government with this report from the First TMS Summit on Diversity in the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Professions (DMMM1), held July 29–31, 2014, at the National Academy of Sciences Building in Washington, D.C. This report was published in February 2015.

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About the Report

The final report from DMMM1 compiles key insights and identifies common themes related to diversity and inclusion issues across workplace environments and sectors. Read it to learn more about the five recurring themes of the event—mentorship, work-life balance, community, awareness, and vigilance—and how attendees were inspired to begin connecting for change.

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