TMS Best Paper Contest - Graduate

Students are encouraged to submit essays on global or national issues as well as technical research papers, relating to any field of metallurgy or materials science. Students should display original thought and creativity in the development of the essays, which should include a comprehensive bibliography on which the paper is based.

To enable recipients to receive the award in person at the TMS annual meeting, $250 is available to offset travel expenses. Award recipients must travel to and attend the conference in order to receive the travel funds associated with this award.

Funding for this scholarship is provided by the TMS Foundation.


  1. The applicant must be a student member of Material Advantage.
  2. Applicants must be a graduate student enrolled full time in a metallurgical/materials science engineering program at a qualified college or university.
  3. Papers must be unpublished as of the submission deadline date
  4. Only one paper contest entry per student is accepted
  5. Papers should be of a technical/research nature and may deal with any of the following disciplines:
    1. Physical and mechanical metallurgy
    2. Extractive and process metallurgy
    3. Materials science
  6. The paper should be prepared by one author. It should be the original work of that author as far as possible. If a faculty member is listed as co-author, include a letter from the faculty member confirming that the applicant is the primary author.
  7. Papers must be written in English, utilizing good communication skills.
  8. The photocopy or digital file submitted must be easily legible. Poor copies of figures and texts are unacceptable.
  9. The paper should be neither less than 2,000 nor more than 4,000 words.

How to Apply

Submission Deadline:
May 1 of each year.

As there is no application form, please include the following documents in your submission:

  1. The photocopy or digital file of the paper for consideration
  2. A cover letter from a faculty member should be included with each entry, verifying your graduate or undergraduate status and original contribution.
  3. The front page of the entry should specify whether you are entering the undergraduate or graduate division as well as the subject discipline. The front page should also include your complete address, telephone, fax, and e-mail information.

Send complete application packet to TMS Awards Staff.

Current Year Awardee(s)

2021 TMS Best Paper Contest - Graduate - 1st Place
Chanho Lee
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2021 TMS Best Paper Contest - Graduate - 2nd Place
Zhongxia Shang
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Past Years Awardees

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