35 Years of Contributions to Cast Shop Research and Development – A Webinar Honoring Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider
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Live event held January 26, 2017

This webinar will present a summary of Wolfgang Schneider’s important research results in the areas of melt filtration, grain refinement, and direct chill (DC) casting of aluminum alloys. Don’t miss the interactive Q&A session with instructor Gerd-Ulrich Grün at the end of the live event!

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Technical Scope
Casting processes of aluminum and especially direct chill (DC) casting processes have existed for less than one century. Although this area has a short history, the findings in science of casting and related solidification process of aluminum are key assets for the development of the aluminum industry and its related growth.

In his now 35 years of industrially based research work, Wolfgang Schneider always focused on the link between sound theoretical understanding and industrial application of scientific findings. This led to various significant contributions to the aluminum industry, which is also documented by a number of patents he holds. This webinar will provide a broad overview of Schneider’s work, within the context of its impact on industrial practice and progress.


Engineers and researchers in aluminum-related industries would benefit from participating in this webinar, as the focus is on DC casting related topics.


Gerd-Ulrich Grün
Gerd-Ulrich Grün, received his diploma in geophysics in 1982 from Technical University of Clausthal. He joined the research department of the German aluminum company VAW in 1990, where his work concentrated on the development and application of mathematical modeling tools on the DC casting and shape casting of aluminum; later on, this extended to areas like filter development and furnace optimization. Presently, he is head of the Research Department Rolling Ingots within the R&D of Hydro Aluminum Rolled Products GmbH, located at the Research Center Bonn, Germany, and is responsible for all R&D work regarding topics like recycling, melt treatment, and DC casting of rolling ingots. As a part of this responsibility, Grün is also involved several international research projects in the field of modeling of casting and solidification. He is also active in organizing and reviewing activities with regard to international conferences, such as acting as both the chair and co-chair of the Cast Shop Symposium held at the TMS annual meeting. Grün has authored or co-authored a number of international publications, and has given lectures on DC casting at engineering schools and technical courses in Germany.

Wolfgang Schneider
Wolfgang Schneider’s development activities span from filtration processes, grain refinement, and modification, to shape and DC casting processes. He has published more than 150 papers and received numerous awards for his work, such as the TMS Light Metals award in 1990 and 1995. During his 30+ year career with Hydro Aluminum, Schneider held positions such as head of casting and recycling, and as head of the R&D Center. In addition to his research, Schneider was also a professor for metallurgy at the Technical University of Berlin and lectured at RWTH in Aachen. He has also made significant contributions to the materials science industry through volunteer positions with TMS, starting as a TMS Aluminum Committee member, to Light Metals Division chair, and culminating in a term as the society’s first European president in 2012.

This webinar is sponsored by Hydro Aluminum Rolled Products GmbH.

The live webinar we held on January 26, 2017, but the recording is still available for purchase.

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