TMS 2021 Bladesmithing Competition Judging Rubrics

The following rubrics present the scoring criteria for each required element of the 2021 TMS Bladesmithing Competition.

Technical Report: 40 points
  • 11-point Arial font. Maximum of 10 pages double-spaced, including appendices, acknowledgments, tables and graphs.
  • Please Note: Performing a sharpness test and/or showing a high magnification microstructure is acceptable for inclusion in the technical report, but is not required for the 2021 competition. Blades brought to the TMS 2021 Annual Meeting & Exhibition must be dulled in any case.

Blade: 40 points

Poster: 10 points
  • Poster Size: 24" x 36" Landscape
    Please Note: This poster size must be adhered to or your poster cannot be displayed.
    A minimum of 150 ppi (pixels per inch) is required, but should not exceed 300 ppi. Please do not submit original files. Only the following file formats will be accepted for inclusion in the poster portion of the competition: JPEG, TIFF, PDF.
Video: 10 points
  • Video: Maximum of 5 minutes in length, with the following technical specifications:
    • Codec/Format: H264 / MP4
    • Dimensions: HD (1920x1080)
    • File Size Limit: 300mb
    • Encoded Bitrate: Approx 1.2 Mbps

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