TMS Bladesmithing Competition Prizes

A team of TMS professional members will individually judge and score entries according to the TMS Bladesmithing Competition judging rubrics. Scores will be compiled, with the top scoring teams being awarded the following prizes. These prizes can be split among team members or used to support future projects.

TMS Wadsworth-Sherby Bladesmithing Grand Prize

  • $2000 Cash Prize
  • TMS-Wadsworth-Sherby Bladesmithing Grand Prize Medal
  • Commemorative Volume of Wadsworth-Sherby Collected Works on Damascus Steels & Related Topics.

Second Place

  • $500 Cash Prize
  • Certificate

Third Place

  • $250 Cash Prize
  • Certificate

Honorable Mention

  • $100 Cash Prize
  • Certificate

Additional Citations

Additional citations may also be awarded to deserving teams in the following areas:

  • Beauty
  • Historical Accuracy
  • Creative Use of Materials
  • Hands-On Process
  • Resourcefulness
  • Outstanding Report
  • Outstanding Poster
  • Outstanding Video

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