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ASTC Equity and Diversity Toolkit The Association of Science-Technology Centers’ “Equity & Diversity Initiative Toolkit” offers a number of helpful ideas and resources for member organizations in the areas of: leadership support, assessment, communication, professional development, career pipeline, and implementation of roles and responsibilities.
Author/Citation: Association of Science-Technology Centers
Association of Science-Technology Centers
Coaching, Mentorship, and Sponsorship The information in this video, created by the Society of Women Engineers, helps to define the differences between coaching, mentoring, and sponsorship. Furthermore, the information in this module helps form the building blocks of cultural competence for encouraging women to seek the support and relationship that will grow their careers.
Author/Citation: Society of Women Engineers
Society of Women Engineers
Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Cards Each of these cards revolves around a key aspect of identifying the unconscious biases in the engineering industry in North America. The intention of these cards is to act as a catalyst for discussion and reflection on how companies can help foster a welcoming work environment.
Author/Citation: Society of Women Engineers
Society of Women Engineers
Diversity at Work Toolkit This toolkit is designed to help organizations create an inclusive and supportive work environment. It is designed as the next step for organizations that have successfully modified the recruitment and hiring practices to reach a more diverse audience by showing how to successfully engage, retain, and support diverse teams.
Author/Citation: HR Council
HR Council
Duke University Diversity Toolkit The toolkit can be used as an adjunct to existing educational programs or as a resource in developing strategies and plans to improve inclusion and engagement within a new initiative. The Diversity Toolkit provides links to publications (books, journals, reports, etc.), as well as links to electronic sources (websites, blogs, etc.).
Author/Citation: Duke University
Duke University