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Access these online learning resources to refresh on fundamentals, learn about recent advancements and ideas, or gain the latest insights in addressing current issues impacting the materials science and engineering field. The following selection of TMS recorded webinars and other online learning events is available at your convenience, with all content free to TMS members as an exclusive benefit. Content is added to this library on a regular basis. Check back or sign up for updates when a new resource is offered. Please also let us know what additional topics or presenters would be of value to you in the future.

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Featured Programs

Transitioning to Online Instruction: Tips, Tools and Techniques
NOTE: This event is free to TMS members by logging in to this page. Non-TMS members can purchase the recording and resource guide for $50 at this link.

Taught by TMS members who have worked in a range of virtual environments, this webinar addresses some of the key considerations inherent in transitioning to online instruction. A downloadable resource guide is available as part of the program.

Live Events: April 2020

Fundamentals and Overviews

Corrosion Fundamentals Webinar Series
Sponsored by OLI Systems
Three learning modules provide a strong, fundamental understanding of chemistry, thermodynamics, and kinetics theory as applied to corrosion. The focus of this series is to establish the groundwork to build specific expertise in corrosion characterization and testing techniques and failure analysis.

Live Events: August/September 2018

35 Years of Contributions to Cast Shop Research and Development – A Webinar Honoring Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider
Sponsored by Hydro Aluminum Rolled Products GMbH
An overview of important work of a recognized industry leader in the areas of melt filtration, grain refinement, and direct chill casting of aluminum alloys.

Live Event: January 2017

Electronic Packaging and Interconnect Materials Webinar Series
Sponsored by Nihon Superior and Thermo-Calc Software
This series is based on the long-standing Lead-Free Solders and Interconnect Technology Workshop traditionally held at the TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Live Events: August/September 2016

The Role of Fractography in Failure Analysis
To perform failure analysis of broken components, it is always important to assess whether the rupture was of the ductile or the brittle type in the case of fracture by overload, or in the case of fracture by fatigue. This webinar illustrates the interplay between metallography and fractography through examples of real failure analysis cases encompassing either overload or fatigue fractures.

Live Event: March 2016

Emerging Technologies

Materials Thermodynamics: From Fundamentals of Entropy to Gibbs Energies Webinar Series
Gain an improved understanding of thermodynamics as they apply to high entropy alloys and complex, concentrated alloys from two leading experts.

Live Event: December 2016

Overview of Materials Data Curation Tools Webinar Series
This series presents an overview of a variety of open source data curation tools, with instruction by some of the leading innovators in the field.

Live Event: September/October 2016

Rapid Prototyping of Iron and Steel through Evaporative Casting Including Additive Manufacturing Patterns
Explore the benefits of a prototype made out of the actual materials of the final part, with lead times not much longer than conventional prototype methods.

Live Event: May 2016

Introduction to DREAM 3D and SIMPL (Open to Non-TMS Members)
An overview, with examples, of the open-source Digital Representation Environment for the Analysis of Materials in 3D (DREAM.3D) software tool and its underlying data structure, the Spatial Information Management Protocol Library (SIMPL).

Live Event: March 2016

Additive Manufacturing Materials and Processes Webinar Series
This webinar series is based on the popular Additive Manufacturing Materials and Processes Workshop traditionally held at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

Live Event: May 2015

The Impact of Contextualized Computing for Materials Students (Open to Non-TMS Members)
Sponsored by Thermo-Calc Software
Reviews education challenges associated with the incorporation of computation into core curriculum, and present educational research methodology and the results collected from surveys, pre/post-tests, and guided interviews.

Live Event: December 2014

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